Review Policy

If you would like to be considered to receive promotional items for Miamai please review the qualifications and terms below. If you feel you meet the qualifications and agree to our terms please submit a request to our staff by using the provided form at the bottom of this page.

Please note: No other method of application for promotional material will be considered unless it comes through the official form provided on this page.


-Your blog is over six months old.

-You have a proven history of blogging Miamai displayed.

– You produce quality images that do not misrepresent the items you are blogging. IE: You do not over process.

– You properly credit the items you blog to include hyperlinked SLUR’s to brand stores.


-Blog at least one of every three new releases.

-Add blogged images to Miamai’s Flickr Group.

-Properly credit Miamai items to include hyperlined SLUR’s to Miamai’s main store. (Or event SLUR’s respectively)

Pretty complicated huh? I know, we ask so much. Still think you can live through so many stipulations? Well, alright. Fill out this form and we’ll get back with you one way or another.

Thank you in advance for loving our products! We truly appreciate your patronage!

-Miamai Staff

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