MIAMAI at the June round of the Arcade

Opens June 1st

Romance Hair Accessories

Pearls, flowers, ribbons, and lace fashioned into romantic accessories

to grace your beautiful tresses as you embrace the poetry of spring and summer.

13 commons and 2 rares

50L per play



*All Romance Hair Accessories are 100% original Miamai creations, modify – transfer, and materials.


I am happy to introduce you to my little friends, the Sprites!
They come straight to my real life, they have been hanging out with me since some months.
In my real life, they are little needle felted, benevolent Spirits who like to keep you company, help and protect you.
I create them from wool, sculpting them with a felting needle, and they carry herbs that I gather and crystals, to bring you the benefits of the Earth Medicine.  They also like to dress up.

Since they are curious little buddies always looking for new friends, we decided it was fun to bring them to Second Life as well…and here they are!

Miamai_ArcadeGacha_SpritesKey1024I tried to stay loyal to the helping purpose they have, so I gave them crystals with specific intents.
Here is a list of the Sprites of this gacha and the relative stones:

FOX Goodluck: Tiger Eye, Quartz, Citrine
BEAR Strength: Carnelian, Garnet
CAT Love: Rhodonite, Rose Quartz
DEER Spirituality: Amethyst, Clear Quartz
DEER Radiant Love (RARE): Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
WOLF Focus: Fluorite, Amethyst
OWL Friendship: Turquoise, Citrine, Rose Quartz
CROW Protection: Tiger Eye, Onyx, Smokey Quartz
HANGER Protection (RARE): Labradorite, Amethyst, ALGIZ rune

Sprites, Hanger and the display are modify; however, be careful when stretching them to a bigger size, because the land impact will rise!

We hope that you will enjoy the company of these special little friends.
They have been created to sit on their shelf or rezzed around your home, however you can easily wear them on your shoulder with some basic editing skills.

Love! ❤ Moni

Sprite Felt Friends are 100% Original Miamai Mesh Creation, Modify, Transfer, only 0.5 LI, and exclusive to The Arcade Gacha Event:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Arcade/204/128/32


“It’s a marshmallow world in the winter, When the snow comes to cover the ground, It’s the time for play, it’s a whipped cream day, I wait for it all year round.”

It is time to pull out our sweaters, bundle up, and run outside to build snowmen! Miamai had a little fun with our SnOWWW!Men and decided to set them out for you to collect at the December round of the Arcade. These very adorable and dysfunctional SnOWWW!Men will add the finishing touches to your Holiday yard decorations. The SnOWWW!Men are 100% original mesh, materials, modify, and transfer so you can collect them all or trade with your friends.


7 commons
2 rares
50L per play






Miamai:: Faery Headpieces @ The Arcade Gacha Event



It is Arcade time again and Miamai is there!  The Faery Headpieces will entice you to embrace your magical and whimsical side.  Try your luck and collect all 12 commons and 3 very special Rares!  All of the Faery Headpieces are 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and modify so you can adjust them! 




THE SPLASH BRIGADE @ The Arcade Gacha Event

Summer is here and we have  tiny mesh avatars ready for fun in the sun and water!

Miamai’s The Joy Conspiracy presents:


Only available at:





Join The Critters Society! Then say hi to Emma :)

Hello lovelies 🙂

I’m warning you: i’m going to show you such fantastic C U T E N E S S that you will get definitely addicted.

Are you ready?



MIAMAI The Critters Society for The Arcade

The Critters Society, unisex mesh hats for The Arcade Gacha Event. Tons of critters and colours with 3 versions included: blond and brown hair and no hair.

So we have the bunny, the kitty, the bear, the deer, the rare unicorns and panda and the super rare rainbow glitter unicorn. OMG, soooooooo sweet!!!

Each play costs 75L$, they are mod and transfer, so you can share or trade doubles with your friends. It’s a great Christmas gift too!

Do you want more cuteness??? Yes???? Then meet Emma:


It’s a lovely mesh necklace that you will also find at The Arcade Gacha Event: available in 12 colours, each try is 50L$. I know, you’ve GOT to have it too, it also matches the sweet earrings that Miamai put out as one of the 2 gifts for the With Love Hunt.

So… here here sweeties, come try your luck now at The Arcade:


Mwah! 🙂