Miamai_BlowSandals_Key1Shiny Shabby, June 20th – July 15th.

It is summer and Miamai has the perfect sandals for your summer needs, the Blow Sandals! Fun sandals that slip easily on your feet to pair with almost any casual outfit! The Blow Sandals Gacha is at Shiny Shabby with 8 commons, 2 rares, and only 50L per play so you can try to collect them all or trade them with your friends. The Blow Sandals are for Slink Flat Feet, 100% original Miamai rigged Mesh Creation, materials, and available only at Shiny Shabby’s June round!



MIAMAI at the June round of the Arcade

Opens June 1st

Romance Hair Accessories

Pearls, flowers, ribbons, and lace fashioned into romantic accessories

to grace your beautiful tresses as you embrace the poetry of spring and summer.

13 commons and 2 rares

50L per play



*All Romance Hair Accessories are 100% original Miamai creations, modify – transfer, and materials.


Miamai_Baba Slippers_Main Ads

Miamai has crafted wonderful leather slippers for Shiny Shabby, the Baba Slippers! The Baba Slipper has just a slight whisper of a heel and a pointed toe that is softened with a hint of roundness. The Baba Slippers are a must for your weekend casual wardrobe and will transcend easily into your weekday business attire. The Baba Slippers are for women’s and men’s Slink Flat Feet, 100% original Miamai Mesh Creation, materials, and available only at Shiny Shabby’s May round! May 20th – June 15th.



Miamai_Baba male Slippers_Desert_Ads

Miamai_Baba female Slippers_Desert_Ads

Miamai_Baba female Slippers_Indian_Ads

Miamai_Baba male Slippers_Indian_Ads

Miamai_Baba male Slippers_Tobacco_Ads

Miamai_Baba female Slippers_Tobacco_Ads


Miamai Vasilisa Purses AD

Miamai Vasilisa Purses key

Miamai has created a wonderful new Gacha for Shiny Shabby, the Vasilisa Purses. These stunning handbags come in a variety of styles, all beautifully crafted to be the perfect accessory for your spring outfits. You will delight in the unique vintage fabric’s, beads, and clasps that are used in this collection of purses. The Vasilisa Purse Gacha has 9 commons and 2 rares that are transfer, modify, materials, and all are 100% original mesh creations by Miamai, and only available at the April round of Shiny Shabby. Shiny Shabby opens at 12 pm SLT on the 20th of April and closes on May 15th.
MIAMAI at Shiny Shabby




Miamai is having a huge sale! 50% off the Luxe Collection, Formals, Shoes, and Accessories!

The 50% off sale starts now and runs until April 24th 2015!

Here is your chance to collect those items that has been on your wish list!

This sale is only at the Miamai Mainstore and only for a limited time!



Miamai has released the Goccia Hats for the April round of WE ‚̧ RP! As the first drops of spring rain fall and dew clings to the beautiful buds and pods that are ready to burst open, the first promenades of the royal fairy courts begin. Each magical being dressed in their finest attire, their hats decorated with the blooms of the earth or adorned in star shine. Our mad hatter was walking in an ancient forest when he glimpsed the grand parade. He stood in awe where the path crossed the ley lines the royal courts traversed. His eyes filled with the beauty of their Ladies and Lords, this magical moment inspiring Miamai’s latest creation the Goccia Hats. Miamai Goccia Hats are only available at WE < RP for 30% off, 100% original MIAMAI mesh, and comes with a resizer HUD for that perfect fit.


Miamai_Goccia Hat - Flora - ADS

Miamai_Goccia Hat - Starchild - Brass_ADS

Miamai_Goccia Hat - Starchild - Silver_ADS





Miamai is pleased to present our new mini collection of formal gowns exclusively at Fashion for Life. Each gown is richly detailed with the little hand designed touches that have always placed Miamai as the vanguard of ladies formal fashion. Designed with gorgeous lace, beads, satin, and silk fabric that drapes about your body in the most sensual of ways this collection of gowns brings elegance back to Spring. All gowns are 100% Miamai original rigged mesh, materials, standard sizes, and awaiting you now at Fashion for Life 2015.

The final gown we present is Sara.
100% RFL donation: Sara Burgundy:

Other Colors:


Fashion for Life will be open until 11 am SLT March 29th and is the support event for Relay for Life of Second Life. Please come and enjoy the 9 sims of exhilarating glamor and delight in all there is to see and do!


Relay for Life of Second Life and its supporting event Fashion for Life is a charitable event that raises money for The America Cancer Society Relay for Life and promotes cancer awareness globally.