Shiny Shabby, November 20 – December 15

Miamai_JDBuskin boots (Male Slink flat) Shiny Shabby november'15 [567013]

 Available Colors: Black, Brown Suede, Desert, Maroon


Miamai is very pleased to introduce our latest release for men, the JDBuskin Boots. These boots are wonderfully designed leather boots with a leather sole, pointed toe, wood heel, and are just sexy on a man. The JDBuskin Boots give mens skinny jeans a reason to be in your wardrobe and with four color choices you can kick the door down and stride away from the dictates of fashion. The JDBuskin Boots are 100% original Miamai mesh, materials, no mod, yes copy, no transfer, and only at Shiny Shabby.




We ❤ Role-Play, November 4 – December 3


Miamai_Bloom pumps - blush (Slink high) ADs [4235553] Miamai_Bloom pumps - passion (Slink high) ADs [4235554] Miamai_Bloom pumps - poison (Slink high) ADs [4235555] Miamai_Bloom pumps - pure (Slink high) ADs [4235556]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of a elven queen, of a fairy princess, or mother nature herself?  Miamai answers that question with a stunning new release at We ❤ Role-Play, The Bloom Pumps.  Our  cobbler Pill walked through the forest gathering the materials for these pumps from the gifts of mother nature.  He took the moss, petals, rose steams, and roses back to his shop and laid them out like a pirates treasure.  Then Pill  created a pump that celebrates women of magic and nature. Beautiful pumps made of soft edges petals with a rose stem heel, and a moss bed for a riot of small delicate roses that adorned the shoes. Miamai’s Bloom Pumps are 100% original mesh, add-on for SLink high feet, materials, only at We ❤ Role-Play, and 25% off for the duration of the event.
We ❤ Role-Play, November 4 – December 3


The Gacha Garden, November 1 – December 1
Miamai_BetsySmilesPumpsGacha_KEY 1
Miamai is in the November round of The Gacha Garden and Pill has outdone himself this time catering to all of the lovely Ladies who still adore the Slink Medium Feet with The Betsy Smiles Pumps! Classical in design with a wonderful platform, The Betsy Smiles Pumps are made of fine tooled leather and comes in 15 commons and 4 sumptuous rares! With a beautiful nod to the pumps your mother and grandmother wore but updated and made for the woman of today! These pumps are very versatile and will be essential in your fall casual, business, and elegant styling! The Betsy Smiles Pumps are original Miamai mesh, no modify, no copy, and completely transferable.

Miamai_SeedOfInspiration_BetsyHeadwrap 1

SEED OF INSPIRATION ITEM: Nothing screams fall like a pair of stunning pumps, jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, and a great headwrap! Oh yeah which reminds me, The Seed of Inspiration item is the gorgeous Betsy Headwrap. The Betsy Headwrap is knit and detailed with beads and baubles! This item can only be received by playing the gacha 20 times. It is not a rare or won by chance because it is a gift from Pill to the gacha player. This Seed of Inspiration item is no copy/yes transfer just like a regular gacha item and after the event will be retired never to be sold again. This is your only chance to get this exclusive headwrap e by Pill Kanto!


Every time a player does 20 pulls on a single machine they receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” along with the 20 gachas they would normally win.”


Miamai_BlackWidow_Black empress shoes (Slink high) ADs Miamai_BlackWidow_Purple empress shoes (Slink high) ADs
Miamai_BlackWidow_Red empress shoes (Slink high) ADs
We ❤ Role-Play, October 4 – November 3
Dark and sexy for the woman who embraces her inner black widow.  100% original mesh, add-on for SLink high feet, materials, and only at We ❤ Role-Play.

MIAMAI:: WARP the future Princess SciFi robe

MIAMAI:: WARP the future Princess SciFi robe

We ❤ Role-Play, September 4 – October 3

Miamai_Warp - Future Princess - SciFi robe_ADs

MIAMAI invites you to reach into tomorrow for your fashion accessories at We Love Role-Play with the WARP the future Princess SciFi robe. Beautiful brushed metal and organic leather comes together in this set. First is the Warp – Lens. The Warp – Lens are available in dark and light with 6 lens color choices via the included HUD adding that perfect touch. Avant Guard, fashion, and SciFi meet in these spectacular glasses setting your eye wear apart from the crowd. Next is the Warp – Pump Shoes which pushes the boundaries of what we know pumps to be! The heel has been reimagined in these pumps and take on a rounded heal naturally drawing the eyes to look at a Ladies delicate toes and amazing pedicure! The Warp – Pumps are also available in light and dark to pair with the Warp – Lens and are for Slink High feet only. Both pieces in this set are sold separately and embellished with lovely hand crafted metal. WARP the future Princess SciFi robe is exclusively at We Love Role-Play and 25% off the regular price for the duration of the event.

*100% Original Mesh by Miamai, no transfer, and materials.

DISCLAIMER: SciFi is not affiliated with the cable channel is used for descriptive purposes only.



Shiny Shabby, August 20 – September 15

Miamai_Hour Glass Silver necklace_Shiny Shabby August'15_ADs

The Hour Glass Necklace reminds us that even though we have many ways to track time, it flows becoming nearly impossible to measure. Artistically crafted metal drapes around the neck to secure a crystal ball with an hour glass encased in it. The metal wraps around the crystal sphere holding it like our minds hold on to memories, delicately, unable to fully grasp, ever flowing and moving like time itself. Simple yet stunning this piece is a must have for your styling. The Hour Glass Necklaces is copy, no modify with a HUD for resizing, 100% original Miamai mesh, and only at Shiny Shabby.

Miamai_Hour Glass Bronze necklace_Shiny Shabby August'15_ADs

*Please note that the crystal ball in the Hour Glass Necklace is stationary and contains no script to make it move as you move, or move in any other fashion. The description used is poetic to describe the origin of necklace, an hour glass trapped in a crystal ball.

MIAMAI @ Shiny Shabby




Shiny Shabby, August 20 – September 15

Miamai_Edo Bell Bronze necklace_Shiny Shabby August'15_ADs

The Edo Bell Necklace is made from upcycled, Edo Furin, a Japanese wind chime that has been beautifully adorning the houses and trees of Japan for centuries. When the wind plays these chimes, each note fulfills the resident’s wishes and ensures their luck. These clear noted bells have been secured to lovely thin metal necklaces to carry your wishes with you always. The Edo Bell Necklaces is copy, no modify with a HUD for resizing, 100% original Miamai mesh, and only at Shiny Shabby.

Miamai_Edo Bell Silver necklace_Shiny Shabby August'15_ADs

MIAMAI @ Shiny Shabby