March 15th – March 30.

Miamai presents the Redux Plate Necklaces in brass, copper, iron, and darkened iron. Hand crafted from old scratched metal plate, metallic rope, ruined studs, and old cloth these apocalyptic necklaces are evidence that style and fashion will never be denied! The Redux Plate Necklaces are 100% original non rigged mesh , re-sizable via the included HUD, and only available at The Secret Affair.


Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Copper - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Darken Iron - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Iron - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Brass - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS


Miamai has two versions of the Subject Imperial Hats at The Fantasy Collective this month. It is the industrial themed round of The Fantasy Collective and our mad hatter Pill had a bit of fun designing these brimless stovepipe hats! Each version has a tall leather stovepipe trimmed in metal then adorned with mechanical ornamentation complete synthetic black dreads secured at the nap of the neck with a re-purposed air filter! Subject Imperial hats are non rigged 100% original Miamai mesh, materials, and comes with a resizing HUD.

Miamai_Subject Imperial - Obscuria ADS





Miamai_Subject Imperial - Luminarii ADS

MIAMAI:: Gorgo Metal Helmets at The Fantasy Collective

What if the ancient soldiers of the Mediterranean bent their knee to the god Poseidon or Neptune and all soldiers gave up the land for the oceans and their legs for the body of Mermen?  What would they wear?  How would their armor change? What would they become? Miamai answers those questions and the answer is magnificent yet terrible Miamai presents the Gorgo Metal Helmet at The Fantasy Collective!  The Gorgo Metal Helmets are available in three distinctive styles inspired by the warriors of ancient Rome, DeepPraetorians, Centuriones, and LightHastati!  Each style is very detailed with gorgeous metal work, fin side details, and an amazing flow of hair out the back.  Whether you swim in the waters or walk on two legs the Gorgo Metal Helmets are a one of kind piece for your armor collection.  Available exclusively at The Fantasy Collective the Gorgo Metal Helmets are unisex, 100% original mesh, materials, and resizable with the included HUD.


Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Deep Praetorians Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Deep Praetorians  Side ADS

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Centuriones

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Centuriones Side ADS

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Light Hastati

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Light Hastati Side ADS


MIAMAI was invited to WE lOVE RP for November and our designers glimpsed the fairies in the forest then brought the visions to life for all of us to embrace with the Battle Fairy Wings and Breastplates, carefully crafted in copper and silver yet resplendent with decorations of gemstones, horns, claws, and leaves. Delight in being a protector of the realm with these 100% original mesh creations that use Materials and are modify so you can edit them to fit perfectly. For WE LOVE RP the Battle Fairy Wings and Breastplates are discounted 40%.

The Battle Fairy Wings come with a HUD allowing you to resize and change the texture of the wings, leaves, Horns, Gemstones, Claws, and Tip Claws. The Battle Fairy Breastplate’s HUD comes with a resize option and texture change for the Leaves, Horns, Gemstones, and EyeStones.



Miamai_BattleFairyWingsSilver Miamai_BattleFairyWingsCopper






Miamai:: Faery Headpieces @ The Arcade Gacha Event



It is Arcade time again and Miamai is there!  The Faery Headpieces will entice you to embrace your magical and whimsical side.  Try your luck and collect all 12 commons and 3 very special Rares!  All of the Faery Headpieces are 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and modify so you can adjust them! 




Enchanted: Grimhilde Hair

We are part of this round of Enchanted, an event built around fairtytales!

For this round, we created a queenish hairdo: Grimhilde, in 3 special colors that will be sold ONLY at the event (so, dont miss them, once the event is over they are gone for good!)


They are not rigged mesh (resizable), they come with a material that makes them sparkle in the light, and with matching hairbase included.

Landmark to the Enchanted event


New Makeups

Let me introduce you our new makeups…
The Golden, Silver and Nightfall series, made of precious metal leafs and a black eyeliner, to give you a magnetic, magic glance!Image






Not enough! 
Handpainted mandalas that become makeups, for an ethnic, magical, special look!
“Visions” is a set of editable makeups. The base is white, so that you can color them as you prefer.
“Visions Effects” features a special metallic effect for each design, and it’s not editable.



Lastly, our sensual “Vixen” and our “Jolie”, the innocent look…


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