Shiny Shabby, August 20 – September 15

Miamai_FloraGacha_AD 15 commons
3 rares
45L per play

Shiny Shabby is open for the August round and Miamai has a gorgeous new jewelry release there, The Flora Jewelry Set! A beautiful celebration of nature the Flora Jewelry Set has organic details, leather, metals, and hand twisted wire work as an accent. The Flora Jewelry Set gacha is 45L per play and has 5 cuffs, 5 necklaces, and 5 sets of earrings to try for with a rare version of each piece in black. The Flora Jewelry Set is modify, transfer, and 100% original Miamai mesh only at Shiny Shabby.

MIAMAI @ Shiny Shabby



I am happy to introduce you to my little friends, the Sprites!
They come straight to my real life, they have been hanging out with me since some months.
In my real life, they are little needle felted, benevolent Spirits who like to keep you company, help and protect you.
I create them from wool, sculpting them with a felting needle, and they carry herbs that I gather and crystals, to bring you the benefits of the Earth Medicine.  They also like to dress up.

Since they are curious little buddies always looking for new friends, we decided it was fun to bring them to Second Life as well…and here they are!

Miamai_ArcadeGacha_SpritesKey1024I tried to stay loyal to the helping purpose they have, so I gave them crystals with specific intents.
Here is a list of the Sprites of this gacha and the relative stones:

FOX Goodluck: Tiger Eye, Quartz, Citrine
BEAR Strength: Carnelian, Garnet
CAT Love: Rhodonite, Rose Quartz
DEER Spirituality: Amethyst, Clear Quartz
DEER Radiant Love (RARE): Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
WOLF Focus: Fluorite, Amethyst
OWL Friendship: Turquoise, Citrine, Rose Quartz
CROW Protection: Tiger Eye, Onyx, Smokey Quartz
HANGER Protection (RARE): Labradorite, Amethyst, ALGIZ rune

Sprites, Hanger and the display are modify; however, be careful when stretching them to a bigger size, because the land impact will rise!

We hope that you will enjoy the company of these special little friends.
They have been created to sit on their shelf or rezzed around your home, however you can easily wear them on your shoulder with some basic editing skills.

Love! ❤ Moni

Sprite Felt Friends are 100% Original Miamai Mesh Creation, Modify, Transfer, only 0.5 LI, and exclusive to The Arcade Gacha Event:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Arcade/204/128/32

MIAMAI:: Regina and MiaMadonna Chloe

The Fantasy Collective is open and Miamai introduces two exclusive ladies hats this month, Regina and MiaMadonnaChloe. Taken from the fashions of a bygone era then transformed with the subtle and delightful Miamai twist we all love. Regina and MiaMadonnaChloe will inspire you to immerse yourself in fantasy and dare to recreate a time when knights stole a womans heart with his honor and valor, when courtly love was forbidden yet so tempting.  Both hats are 100% original non rigged mesh and modify for easy fitting.  You will delight in the beautiful color and pattern choices that are enhanced with the use of Materials!  Available only at The Fantasy Collective!


Miamai_TFC_ReginaPurple Miamai_TFC_ReginaBlack

Miamai_TFC_MiaMadonnaChloe AncientGold Miamai_TFC_MiaMadonnaChloe AncientRose Miamai_TFC_MiaMadonnaChloe AncientBlack


Miamai:: Faery Headpieces @ The Arcade Gacha Event



It is Arcade time again and Miamai is there!  The Faery Headpieces will entice you to embrace your magical and whimsical side.  Try your luck and collect all 12 commons and 3 very special Rares!  All of the Faery Headpieces are 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and modify so you can adjust them! 




Spring-Summer 2013 collection!

In this post and in the next couple we will present you our new Spring-Summer 2013 collection!
It’s a very colorful, playful collection, with many bright colors, sequined and printed fabrics…but we didnt forget the sexy factor!

Let’s get started!


Lucia and Sofia…playful little jumpsuits, cute but with a sexy potential, ruffled to the bottom and stretchy on the bust.
They feature two different fabrics (plain and sequined) and so many spring colors!



Sarine, harem pants, in a shimmering raw silk, precious, folded, ruffled, just perfect for the spring and for the coming summer.

More pics to come soon…Or come visit us at our Mianstore!

You can purchase the new Spring-Summer collection at MIAMAI Mainstore or in the Marketplace

New Collection: MIAMAI 2011 Wedding Collection

Yes today is the day we at Miamai have been longing for – the release of this seasons Wedding Gowns. Each beautifully designed gown is available in white and some are also available in champagne and rose options, and cover many different tastes. Come ….. look in awe ladies.

ANNA L$1600 


ALIA L$1300 


 EMMA L$1600

JARA – L$1600 


Landmark: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amat/64/172/25