Shiny Shabby, March 20 – April 15

What happens when Victorian style and sensibilities meet with Japanese? Kuki happens! This wonderful avant-garde ensemble imagines a world of fusion where the two cultures merge and give birth to a new style a new entity. Kuki is innovative and sensual yet holds hints of the cultures that came together such as: the little bows on the hat and the slippers, the beautiful fabric and stitching of the dress, and the scarf that secures the sugegasa securely in place guarding against prying eyes. Miamai invites you to step into this new world that brings the vintage into the now and express yourself! Be avant-garde in Kuki!

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The Kuki Dress has Intricate stitching that creates a patterns on the Kuki Dress yet also brings together fabrics, and styles that will entice and delight! The neckline of Kuki is trimmed with little pieces of re-purposed metal, a hentai lace that is born from the cultures that parented this new look, this new style. The Kuki Dress is available in four colors, 100% original Miamai mesh, comes in standard sizing, slink physique, and works with the Maitreya mesh body!

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The Kuki Hat is a traditional sugegasa re-imagined and transformed. The traditional Japanese Conical hat now sits on a small pedestal cap that lifts the sugegasa up creating the presence and essence of the vintage ladies Victorian church hat. As with any beautiful ladies hat it must be secured in place with a lovely scarf tied in a delicate bow. The Kuki Hat is is available in four colors, and 100% original Miamai mesh. This hat can be worn by men also!

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The Kuki Slippers take their inspiration from the Koma-geta, the beautiful lacquered platform slippers worn by courtesans in Japan. As with all fusion items a new slipper emerges with a tall platform base that is adorned with the same fabrics that are used in the hat and dress. Securing the Kuki slippers in place is a ribbon that wraps around the platform and tie up into a very tailored bow that lays delicately on the foot. Only a woman with the elegance of a Victorian Lady and the grace of a Geisha could walk in the Kuki Slippers and not fall. The Kuki Slippers are available in four colors, 100% original Miamai Mesh and for SLink Flat Feet only.

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The Kuki Dress, Hats, and Slippers are 100% original Miamai mesh, materials, no mod, yes copy, no transfer, and only at Shiny Shabby. Please demo the products before purchase to ensure that they will work with your mesh body of choice.


Shiny Shiny Poster - March 2016


We ❤ Role-Play, February 4 – March 3

MIAMAI introduces the Blademaster arm warmers and leg warmers at We ❤ Role-Play!  Let loose the nordling, elf, or dragon within with these beautifully detailed leather accessories. This items are perfect for your avant guard and rp stylings! The Blademaster arm and leg warmers are 100% original mesh, standard sizing, yes copy, no mod, no transfer, and discounted only at We ❤ Role-Play. Available in Standard Sizing and Slink Physique.










The Gacha Garden, February 1 – March 1

Miamai is in the February round of The Gacha Garden bringing the cute and magical to you with Mushi! Mushi are little mesh Pixie Avatars with big eyes, pointed ears, cute little tails, and wearing a mushroom hat. The Mushi Avatars are so adorable you will want to collect them all! I am not kidding they are that cute! Transform into an enchanted pixie and celebrate the magic of SL! The Mushi Avatars are 100% original Miamai Mesh, No Mod, No Copy, Yes Transfer, Materials, and only 50L per play! *Dry clean only!

Miamai_Mushi Avatar_The Gatcha Garden_key [4020857]

8 commons
4 rares

SEED OF INSPIRATION ITEM: Mushi Pixie Buddies! Cute little Pixies to sit on your shoulder or stand on your head! These items can only be received by playing the gacha 20 times. These are not a rare or won by chance because they are a gift from Miamai to the gacha player. These Seed of Inspiration items are no copy/yes transfer just like a regular gacha item and after the event will be retired never to be sold again. This is your only chance to get these exclusive Mushi Pixie Buddies by MIAMAI!

Miamai_Mushi Buddy_The Gatcha Garden_SOI_AD [4020858]


Every time a player does 20 pulls on a single machine they receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” along with the 20 gachas they would normally win.”

How To Play – http://www.thegachagarden.com/howtoplay


Shiny Shabby, January 20 – February 15
The ice cold air, snow flurries, rosey checks, crackling fires, and luxurious coats pulled close to keep out the chill; these are just some of the things we love about winter.  Celebrate your love of winter with Miamai at the January round of Shiny Shabby were Miamai debuts the Morgante Coat and Pants.
Miamai_Morgante Coat & Pants_ADs 003_1024.jpg
The Morgante Coat embodies the essence of an bygone era, fashioned of rich velvet, generous cuffs, large accent buttons, and a stunning high collar herringbone shirt. The Morgante Coat is romantic, elegant, and yet practical for a day of shopping as the snow falls on a cold January day or dressing up for a winters night out!
Miamai_Morgante Coat & Pants_ADs 002_1024.jpg
The Morgant Pants are form fitting tight legged tweed pants with large buttons that match the Morgante Jacket, and accented with glorious large flared pockets.  These pants are not only snuggly warm but have all the beautiful vintage accents combines with modern flare to entice and delight your winter styling!
Miamai_Morgante Coat & Pants_ADs 001_1024.jpg
The Morgante Coat and Pants are 100% original Miamai mesh, materials, no mod, yes copy, no transfer, and only at Shiny Shabby.  Please note that the Morgante Coat and Pants are available in standard sizes but will work with mesh bodies, however please demo the products before purchase to ensure that they will work with your mesh body of choice.


Lazy Sunday, December 20th 12AM until 11:59PM

Miamai_JD Buskin male boots - On fire (Male Slink flat) Lazy Sunday [613286] Miamai_JD Heel woman pumps - On fire (Female Slink medium) Lazy Sunday [613287]


Miamai believes in equality so we have an item for both the Ladies and the Gents in this round of Lazy Sunday! For the Ladies we have the JDHeel Pumps and for the Gents we have th JDBuskin Boots both in an exclusive version, Onfire. The JDHeel Pumps are beautifully inspired vintage block heel pumps with a pointed toe that take a woman’s styling to the next level. The JDBuskin boots are wonderfully designed leather boots with a leather sole, pointed toe, wood heel, and are just sexy on a man. Both are made with detailed black leather, red snake skin, and all the little details you expect from Miamai. The JDBuskin Boots-Onfire and JDHeel Pumps-Onfire are exclusive releases for Lazy Sunday are only discounted from 12AM until 11:59PM Sunday the 20th of December!

Both releases for Lazy Sunday are copy, no modify, no transfer, 100% original Miamai mesh, only available at 75L for 24 hours, and only at the Miamai Main Store!


Lazy Sunday, December 6th 12AM until 11:59PM

Miamai_Bloom pumps - Lazy Sunday 6 dicembre (Slink high) AD [2266786]Miamai_Bloom pumps - blueberry - Lazy Sunday 6 dicembre (Slink high) key [2266785]Miamai_Bloom pumps - rosehip - Lazy Sunday 6 dicembre (Slink high) key [2266787]


Miamai has two very special versions of the Bloom Pumps made exclusively for Lazy Sunday, Blueberry and Rosehip! The Bloom Pumps celebrate women of magic and nature. Beautiful pumps made of soft edges petals with a rose stem heel, and a moss bed for a riot of small delicate roses that adorned the shoes. The Bloom Pumps release for Lazy Sunday are only discounted from 12AM until 11:59PM Sunday the 6th of December!

The Bloom Pumps release for Lazy Sunday are copy, no modify, no transfer, 100% original Miamai mesh for Slink High Feet, only available at 75L for 24 hours, and only at the Miamai Main Store!


MIAMAI::  FryeMan & FryeWoman AnkleBoots
We ❤ Role-Play, December 4 – January 3

Miamai_FryeMan AnkleBoots (Male Slink flat) AD

Miamai_FryeWoman AnkleBoots (female Slink flat) AD

The holiday season is in full swing and We ❤ Role-Play is reveling in the season! Miamai is joining in the fun and our cobbler Pill has designed wonderful ankle boots for men and women the Frye AnkleBoots.  The Frye AnkleBoots  are stunning pointed toe  Victorian era inspired boots made from two complementing leathers, accented with straps and buckles.  A little bit steampunk, a little bit avant-garde these ankle boots are the perfect touch for all of your  holiday styles!  Miamai’s Frye AnkleBoots are 100% original mesh, add-on for SLink male and female flat feet, materials, only at We ❤ Role-Play, and 25% off for the duration of the event.
We ❤ Role-Play also has a 10L hunt this round and lots of wonderful gifts!  Miamai has a special item for the hunt!  Remember the hunt item has something special in it for both men and women!
Hunt Hint: Go find us, and greath the solitary tree in the backyard.

Miamai_FryeMan AnkleBoots - WLRP HUNT #37 (Male Slink flat)Miamai_FryeWoman AnkleBoots - WLRP HUNT #37 (female Slink flat)