Miamai has released Arica for Shiny Shabby. Beautifully crafted suits for your spring and summer needs. Be it laying on the beach, swimming in the lake, or dancing the night away Arica is that beautiful one piece that makes you feel stunning. Delicately crocheted and accented with little silver hearts Arica comes in four lovely colors. You will find in your purchase of Arica traditional clothing layers, Maitreya HUD, Slink HUD, Lolas Tango HUD, and configuration cards for your choice of mesh ass. Arica is an Miamai 100% original creation and available only at Shiny Shabby’s May round! May 20th – June 15th.





*Please note that you need to have the latest versions of the Slink and Maitreya bodies for the respective HUDs to work. Please also note that if you use any Miamai configuration card with any HUD that it was not originally made for or in a converter HUD, MIAMAI does not guarantee the results.


We have our first Maitreya Body Applier out in the Miamai Main Store! Our first venture into supplying Maitreya Body appliers is for Suane in both Crimson and Black! If you have already purchased Suane you can purchase the applier separately.

Suane a beautiful design and part of the Luxe collection. Romantic lace clings to your body sensually enhancing every wonderful curve. Suane comes in black or crimson clothing layers with the following appliers available: SLink Physique, Lola Tango Breast, and a notecard to use with your mesh ass of choice.





Cirque de Seraphim is a multi-sim, circus-themed event that MIAMAI has the pleasure of being a sponsor for and supporting the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Cirque de Seraphim runs November 6th 2014 to November 26th 2014 and also has rides and games along the boardwalks.  Come enjoy this amazing event with us and help us support the ASPCA at Cirque de Seraphim.

What is a stunning romantic clown to wear?  Aurelia of course and you will love the details hand painted for Aurelia from the lace and beads to the lovely chains.   Miamai has designed this sensual clown outfit in clothing layers with appliers for Lolas Tango, Slink Physique and a config card to use with your mesh ass of choice!



Miamai_AureliaBlack Miamai_AureliaRed


The new round of My Slink Obsession is open and Miamai introduces Suane.  Suane is beautiful lingerie and the latest addition to the Luxe collection.  Romantic lace clings to your body sensually enhancing every wonderful curve.  Suane comes in black or crimson clothing layers with the following appliers: SLink Physique, Lola Tango Breast, and a notecard to use with your mesh ass of choice.   You can purchase Suane only at My Slink Obsession and for a wonderful event pricing of 150L.





STEPHANIE ~ Luxe Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014

Lingerie? Oh yes Miamai has lingerie, the sensual Stephanie. Stephanie is a romantic yet sexy lingerie set that is versatile and one of the anchors in the Luxe Spring Collection. The beautiful top is stunning and can be paired with several of the items from the new Luxe Spring Line. You will delight in the stockings with the accent frilled garters and love the straps with the gemstones that are HUD customizable. Stephanie has 6 colors to choose from and offers appliers for lolas tango, cute/phatt azz, and slink mesh feet! Materials Ready, Original Mesh, Standard Sizes.




Sophistication, romance, elegance, and fun come together in Luxe, Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014. We have combined amazing pieces with richly detailed fabrics and patterns to bring you this one of a kind luxurious line. We hope that you will be inspired and delighted as you wrap yourself in these designs. Each piece is original mesh, materials ready, and in standard sizing. Whether it be a romantic night in the boudoir, a spring garden party, or just a day of shopping with your friends you will find the pieces that are sure to become the cornerstone of your Spring wardrobe. Also with each purchase you will find a random free gift located inside your package, a stylish spring bag. Only available as a gift with purchase, to collect them all you will need to buy the entire Luxe Collection!

Luxe~ Luxurious Casual Fashion for every woman at Miamai:


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