Miamai is participating in the TAG! Gacha and has adorable mesh avatars for you, Patonzi The Undead Brigade. Miamai puts the adorable in scary and the bounce in creepy with these 100% original Miamai mesh avatars. Each Patonzi The Undead Brigade avatar comes with an AO, is materials, no copy, no mod, and completely transferable! At 75L per play you can collect them all! Go to the starting point to get your hud and begin your game of TAG!


MYSTERY: 1 (Only available for TAG October 2015)

MIAMAI Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rota/138/127/41

HOW TO PLAY: First go to the starting point and join the Gachatopia! Group. Then to get the TAG GACHA HUD enter the Mortuary and look for the wreath. Wear the HUD and click yes on the pop up to allow the HUD to TP you. Then click SPIN and you are off on your adventure of TAG! Make sure to tag the URN at each location as they all have gifts to give including MIAMAI! Plus each location’s URN unlocks the bonus room for this round of TAG! Have fun in the October round of haunted TAG!

TAG! Gacha Starting Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Templar/114/136/34

TAG! Gacha Website http://www.taggacha.com

TAG! Early access: October 16th 12am slt (must be in the Gachatopia! group)

TAG! Public access: Octoberl 17th 12am slt to October 31st.


Miamai_BlackWidow_Black empress shoes (Slink high) ADs Miamai_BlackWidow_Purple empress shoes (Slink high) ADs
Miamai_BlackWidow_Red empress shoes (Slink high) ADs
We ❤ Role-Play, October 4 – November 3
Dark and sexy for the woman who embraces her inner black widow.  100% original mesh, add-on for SLink high feet, materials, and only at We ❤ Role-Play.

Nju Hair and a special Halloween


Nju is a ponytail, rigged mesh with hairbase, that will fit gents and ladies.
It is no modify, and it comes in two sizes for men and two for women.

You can purchase it at Miamai Mainstore or on the Marketplace


And a special Halloween version that is a fancy addition to your scary outfit!
For a special price of 100L$, a set of 6 colors with devil horn headband, again in 2 sizes for women and 2 sizes for men.

Find it at Miamai Mainstore or on the Marketplace

The Pink Pumpkin Hunt


Miamai is running an halloweeny event, The Pink Pumpkin Hunt!

From October 25th to November 2nd, come at the Mainstore and look for the 25 little pink pumpkins…they have prizes for you!
The prizes are for female and male, they are halloween-themed and will come useful for your masking up…
Come have fun with your friends, and dont forget to explore all the corners of the sim!

At Miamai Mainstore

The Halloween Balaclavas from The Critters Society!

Halloween time!

We like it, that’s why the store is packed with pumpkins and random spooky stuff.
We even set up a victorian house in the corner of the sim (you are welcome to come and take spooky pics!).

So I created the most cute (and a bit creepy) hand knit balaclavas for our store!



They are a gacha machine item, 50L per try, unisex, will fit most shapes.
Every animal has 2 RARES! Because it’s Halloween and there should be more rare-happiness around!


Of course you are welcome to bring your friends over and to use the group chat for your trades ❤

At Miamai Mainstore, in the Gacha Area

It’s Halloween at Miamai!

It’s Halloween time and we LOVE Halloween at Miamai! … we love spiders and ghosts and skulls…and vampires….

And we prepared a gift for you!
One for the girls, one for the boys…

For the girls: our newest Mesh boots, Hiatus, in a special orange spooky version with spiders and webs.

For the boys: sculpted boots in orange version, with tiny spider and flexi spiderwebs!

You can get them at Miamai Mainstore, at the landing point, where all the Halloweeny pumpkins and black kitties are!

Taxi to Miamai!

Halloween Release #6

Wow – want to look super sexy at the halloween party? Then you cannot do far better than BLACKBIRD LUST! With the lace-body on a tattoo layer (which you will need Viewer 2 to wear) and the feather and diamond prim shrug – what else does the confident woman need??  Only L$80 and can be found at the tp point.

Store Landmark:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amat/64/172/25

Halloween Limited Editions

Want to stand out in the crowd, knowing you are only one of a selected few that will EVER wear the outfit?? Well cast your eyes at Miamai’s latest releases …… only 20 copies are to be sold!!

A beautful sculpted purple gown with the added option of glow particles – which look fabulous if you are wanting an eerie yet magical effect. Also included is the make-up (only wearable on Viewer 2) and a Zhao AO with pose to ensure you walk beautifully.

The next two outfits are inspired by the duet sung by Annie Lennox and David Bowie, at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. “Under” and Pressure” are made to match each other, however of course you can buy just one and still look amazing at the Halloween Party this year.

Store Landmark:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amat/64/172/25