JANIA PANTS ~ Luxe Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014

Sophistication, romance, elegance, and fun come together in Luxe, Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014. We have combined amazing pieces with richly detailed fabrics and patterns to bring you this one of a kind luxurious line. We hope that you will be inspired and delighted as you wrap yourself in these designs. Each piece is original mesh, materials ready, and in standard sizing. Whether it be a romantic night in the boudoir, a spring garden party, or just a day of shopping with your friends you will find the pieces that are sure to become the cornerstone of your Spring wardrobe. Also with each purchase you will find a random free gift located inside your package, a stylish spring bag. Only available as a gift with purchase, to collect them all you will need to buy the entire Luxe Collection!


Jania Pants are the essential spring pants, slim fit, belted, and 3/4 length to showcase your spring shoes. The Jania Pants come in Cotton, Gipsy Pattern, Glitter, or Jean~ 23 distinct and wonderful pairs of pants to choose from. Each pair comes with its own HUD to customize your belt, is rigged mesh, uses standard sizes, and materials ready.

Luxe~ Luxurious Casual Fashion for every woman at Miamai:


logo miamai[2]





As we transition through the seasons we celebrate each one in beautiful and glorious ways. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is a time to open the windows and let the fresh air cleanse our homes as well as our lives. To celebrate the seasonal change we have reduced the prices on the City Girl Collection by marking items down 50 to 70% off.

Now is the perfect time to round out your wardrobe from Miamai because once the cleanse is finished the collection will be retired forever. Come, help us celebrate!






If ever there was a bohemian goddess, she was named Vali Myers.  She lived her life with intensity in tune with her own inner drum.  She channeled everything into her artwork.  Her passion, beliefs, and emotions all found life on canvas.  Vali inspired other artists and was a key figure in the 1950’s bohemian art scene and in turn she inspired writers, photographers, fashion designers, and Monica.  Vali is one of Moni’s hero’s and an inspiration to her.  Now why this is so important is because Miamai is in The Style Icon Fair.  Legal Insanity asked designers to create an exclusive  inspired by a style icon.  Moni took this opportunity to capture the spirit of Vali Myers who influence  has meant so much to her and share with all of us!

The Vali Collection is bohemian at its best.  Four beautiful ruffled gypsy blouses that create a romantic and carefree feeling about your styling. Form fitting slacks with or without a fabulously fun belt, you choose!  To set the finishing touches Moni created an adorable fox necklace and hand drew  the  Vali Myers Iconic face tattoo.  All pieces are sold separately, original mesh, materials ready, standard sizing and awaiting you at The Style Icon Fair.



Miamai Vali Shirts Full

Miamai Vali Pants




February 07th – February 28th


Fidelio at faMESHed

Miamai presents a new hat for faMESHed, the Fidelio.  This unisex leather hat is materials ready with a hud for the hair, studs, and logo! Swing by faMESHed today to get the perfect ‘out for the day’  hat,  the Fidelio.

MIAMAI_Fidelio leather hat - faMESHed

Swing by faMESHed today.


Lou Glam Hat and Glam Sunglasses – Now at the L’Accessoires Event!

MIAMAI_Lou glam canvas hat & vintage sunglasses - unisex - Playbill


A set of hat and glasses that can be worn togheter or separately, unisex and extremely stylish.
Mesh, not rigged, full HUD driven and materials ready for added realism, the hat comes with removable hair+hairbase.

MIAMAI_Lou glam hat - unisex - Dark MIAMAI_Lou glam hat - unisex - Ice MIAMAI_Lou glam hat - unisex - Spicy MIAMAI_Lou glam sunglasses - Golden MIAMAI_Lou glam sunglasses - Red MIAMAI_Lou glam sunglasses - Silver

Here are just some examples of the many colors you can find at the L’Accessoires event!

*this item is for sale at the L’Accessories event until November 14th, 2013; it will be at Miamai Mainstore once the event round is over*

Spring-Summer 2013 collection!

In this post and in the next couple we will present you our new Spring-Summer 2013 collection!
It’s a very colorful, playful collection, with many bright colors, sequined and printed fabrics…but we didnt forget the sexy factor!

Let’s get started!


Lucia and Sofia…playful little jumpsuits, cute but with a sexy potential, ruffled to the bottom and stretchy on the bust.
They feature two different fabrics (plain and sequined) and so many spring colors!



Sarine, harem pants, in a shimmering raw silk, precious, folded, ruffled, just perfect for the spring and for the coming summer.

More pics to come soon…Or come visit us at our Mianstore!

You can purchase the new Spring-Summer collection at MIAMAI Mainstore or in the Marketplace