Winds of Change

Miamai announces a changing of the guard by wishing Winter Jefferson a fond farewell and welcomes Shae Sixpence as Chief Marketing Officer.

Winter served as CMO of Miamai for years, in a relationship that brought the brand some of its best moments; a relationship that became more and more based on a great friendship and a common sense of beauty and style.
It has been an honor to work with my best friend bringing my visions in Second Life, and to have his support and knowledge of the fashion industry helping me to develop Miamai to the brand it is today.
Without his insight my biggest and more visionary project, the Black Label Collection, would still be a glimmer in my mind.
But all the great minds deserve some rest!

As Winter takes his time off to recharge and discover new horizons and new dreams we are more than happy, excited and eager to work with Shae Sixpence.

She has been in the Second Life fashion industry as a Model, Miss Virtual World Brazil 2011, brand manager, event producer, photographer and content creator for four and a half years, and I had the chance to work with her lately, both on “The Golden Thread” show, and by creating a dress for her as her position as Host of the Miss Virtual World 2014 finals.
Both of them have been a beautiful experiences and let all of us at Miamai know her sparkly funny personality, along with her professionalism. We are eager to see what will happen with such a force in our team, and what the future holds for us!

This is also my occasion for a late welcome to the marketing team to Kalia Anatine.
She joined our staff during a time of need and without hesitation gave the brand the immediate attention it needed. She didn’t get the official welcome party that she indeed deserved, but she proved her worth in the few months she has been with us. She has the ability to reach out to our customers .. providing them with a new and fun way to connect with us .. helping them to discover what we here at Miamai have to offer them … combine that with her incredible working stamina and we are proud to add her to our team!

And now, let’s eat some cake! Babai!


Monica & Pill

The Golden Thread




… The Golden Thread ….
An Epiphany in Four Parts
The creatives of MIAMAI have gathered together for the fourth year of their triumphant Black Label series of fashion events. Join us as the year closes and wind your way into the forests of the night. Come, follow the Golden Thread on a journey that will take you to the heart of life and love.



December 7th, 2013
1st public show: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm SLT
2nd public show: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm SLT


Every attendant will be required to wear a mandatory outfit that will be provided upon reaching the event location.

Due to the nature of the event, the spots on the sim for each show are very limited ; however, we are providing different means to follow the show for those who can’t get in:
. Livestream, to follow the event starting from 12pm SLT
. Live blogging on Plurk:
. Live blogging on Facebook:
After the event, the venue will be open to the visitors for a month.

With the participation of:
. Aesthetica
. A:S:S
. ContraptioN
. Metatheodora
. PXL Creations
. Slouch Poses
. Wasabi Pills


. The Basilique Performing Arts Company
. sian pearl + Kitti Wytchwood
. Spirit Light Dance Company
. ChangHigh Trinity Sisters


Visual Artists:
“The Golden Thread”:
Aemeth Lysette
Clem Velinov
Ganymede Galaxy

Dita Actor
Kynne Llewellyn

“A Story Of Details”
Anna Sapphire
Calima Dufaux
Carthalis Rossini
Chii Kimagawa
Dagmar Haiku
Eve kazan
Grazia Horwitz
Harper Beresford
Katime Vacano
Lada Leeroy
Nadja Baxter
Petra Messioptra
Saleena Hax
Shae Sixpence
Shortcake Sugarplum
Tania Tebaldi

Machinima: Forren Ashford, Thalia Heckroth


VVON VOICIC™ ; Production House, Studio, Copy, Exhibit est. 2013
The Magazine
DavidThomas Scorbal Scripts


CONCEPT: Monica Outlander
BLACKLABEL MODELS: Amita Yorcliffe, Anna Sapphire, AnnaG Pfeffer, Caoimhe Lionheart, Carley Benazzi, Dragonia DeCuir, Tania Tebaldi, Zaara123
BLACKLABEL MANAGEMENT: Grazia Horwitz, LaurelRose Anthony,Magenta DeVinna, Shae Sixpence, Shiloh Fouroux, Winter Jefferson

Enchanted: Grimhilde Hair

We are part of this round of Enchanted, an event built around fairtytales!

For this round, we created a queenish hairdo: Grimhilde, in 3 special colors that will be sold ONLY at the event (so, dont miss them, once the event is over they are gone for good!)


They are not rigged mesh (resizable), they come with a material that makes them sparkle in the light, and with matching hairbase included.

Landmark to the Enchanted event


Call for Artists 2013!


We are looking for artists that want to collaborate with us on a secret project!
Musicians, dancers, aerial dancers, whimsical dancers, poets, writers, actors, performers, visual artists, sculptors, installation artists, the more the merrier!

If you are interested, please fill the form here:

And spread the voice, we are excited to meet wonderful creators!

Lou Glam Hat and Glam Sunglasses – Now at the L’Accessoires Event!

MIAMAI_Lou glam canvas hat & vintage sunglasses - unisex - Playbill


A set of hat and glasses that can be worn togheter or separately, unisex and extremely stylish.
Mesh, not rigged, full HUD driven and materials ready for added realism, the hat comes with removable hair+hairbase.

MIAMAI_Lou glam hat - unisex - Dark MIAMAI_Lou glam hat - unisex - Ice MIAMAI_Lou glam hat - unisex - Spicy MIAMAI_Lou glam sunglasses - Golden MIAMAI_Lou glam sunglasses - Red MIAMAI_Lou glam sunglasses - Silver

Here are just some examples of the many colors you can find at the L’Accessoires event!

*this item is for sale at the L’Accessories event until November 14th, 2013; it will be at Miamai Mainstore once the event round is over*

Nju Hair and a special Halloween


Nju is a ponytail, rigged mesh with hairbase, that will fit gents and ladies.
It is no modify, and it comes in two sizes for men and two for women.

You can purchase it at Miamai Mainstore or on the Marketplace


And a special Halloween version that is a fancy addition to your scary outfit!
For a special price of 100L$, a set of 6 colors with devil horn headband, again in 2 sizes for women and 2 sizes for men.

Find it at Miamai Mainstore or on the Marketplace

The Pink Pumpkin Hunt


Miamai is running an halloweeny event, The Pink Pumpkin Hunt!

From October 25th to November 2nd, come at the Mainstore and look for the 25 little pink pumpkins…they have prizes for you!
The prizes are for female and male, they are halloween-themed and will come useful for your masking up…
Come have fun with your friends, and dont forget to explore all the corners of the sim!

At Miamai Mainstore

The Halloween Balaclavas from The Critters Society!

Halloween time!

We like it, that’s why the store is packed with pumpkins and random spooky stuff.
We even set up a victorian house in the corner of the sim (you are welcome to come and take spooky pics!).

So I created the most cute (and a bit creepy) hand knit balaclavas for our store!



They are a gacha machine item, 50L per try, unisex, will fit most shapes.
Every animal has 2 RARES! Because it’s Halloween and there should be more rare-happiness around!


Of course you are welcome to bring your friends over and to use the group chat for your trades ❤

At Miamai Mainstore, in the Gacha Area


We are glad to show our new rigged mesh gown, Erinne

A nice top, with a small front and back opening, decorated with bows and buttons, and a long flowy gown slightly asymmetric.

It’s MATERIALS READY, the bottom has a beautiful glittering that recalls fireflies.
As usual, in the 5 sizes of the standard shape system, and with a demo to try it on you.

At Miamai Mainstore!
(more pics after the jump)


Wizardry Fair!

A super cool Wizardry Fair is running at Mischief Managed sim, where you can roleplay Harry Potter style!
For the event, we created some items for your magic fun….

THE MAGANIMALS: little, cute, squishy shoulder pets, animated and very clever (they can learn a sentence! that’s a lot of brain!). Piglet is half piggie and half dragonlet, while Hedgehorn is a hedgehog with some unicorn genes…
They come in several colors and they cant wait to assist you in your magic!
Miamai_MaganimalsOrangeHeadgehorn Miamai_MaganimalsPinkPiglet
THE WANDS: Cuor di Rosa and Ritorta di Rame, two beautiful handcrafted wands with a non-combat set of spells (Expecto Patronum and Avada Kedavra) to assist you in your magic training.

MIAMAI_Cuor di Rosa_magic wand - playbill MIAMAI_Ritorta di Rame_magic wand - Playbill

They are for sale at the Wizardry Fair
Have fun!