The Gacha Garden, February 1 – March 1

Miamai is in the February round of The Gacha Garden bringing the cute and magical to you with Mushi! Mushi are little mesh Pixie Avatars with big eyes, pointed ears, cute little tails, and wearing a mushroom hat. The Mushi Avatars are so adorable you will want to collect them all! I am not kidding they are that cute! Transform into an enchanted pixie and celebrate the magic of SL! The Mushi Avatars are 100% original Miamai Mesh, No Mod, No Copy, Yes Transfer, Materials, and only 50L per play! *Dry clean only!

Miamai_Mushi Avatar_The Gatcha Garden_key [4020857]

8 commons
4 rares

SEED OF INSPIRATION ITEM: Mushi Pixie Buddies! Cute little Pixies to sit on your shoulder or stand on your head! These items can only be received by playing the gacha 20 times. These are not a rare or won by chance because they are a gift from Miamai to the gacha player. These Seed of Inspiration items are no copy/yes transfer just like a regular gacha item and after the event will be retired never to be sold again. This is your only chance to get these exclusive Mushi Pixie Buddies by MIAMAI!

Miamai_Mushi Buddy_The Gatcha Garden_SOI_AD [4020858]


Every time a player does 20 pulls on a single machine they receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” along with the 20 gachas they would normally win.”

How To Play – http://www.thegachagarden.com/howtoplay

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