KALIA SHIRT ~ Luxe Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014

What happens when boho and classical styles meet in a blouse? The Kalia Shirt, a beautiful spring blouse that is gathered at the waist allowing the fabric to billow around you with half sleeves and a romantic accent bow that is HUD customizable. The Kalia Shirt comes in 3 versions with a multitude of color, pattern, and fabric choices. The Kalia shirt is designed to be paired with several items in the Luxe Spring Collection.  The Kalia shirt comes with its own HUD to customize your belt, is rigged mesh, uses standard sizes, and materials ready.




Sophistication, romance, elegance, and fun come together in Luxe, Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014. We have combined amazing pieces with richly detailed fabrics and patterns to bring you this one of a kind luxurious line. We hope that you will be inspired and delighted as you wrap yourself in these designs. Each piece is original mesh, materials ready, and in standard sizing. Whether it be a romantic night in the boudoir, a spring garden party, or just a day of shopping with your friends you will find the pieces that are sure to become the cornerstone of your Spring wardrobe. Also with each purchase you will find a random free gift located inside your package, a stylish spring bag. Only available as a gift with purchase, to collect them all you will need to buy the entire Luxe Collection!

Luxe~ Luxurious Casual Fashion for every woman at Miamai:


logo miamai[2]

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