“The Golden Thread is what connects us all to the Earth and the Universe we live in. It’s the energy that runs between humans, animals, spirits; it’s what makes us a part of the whole. Some call it God.”

Beauty the depth of the oceans inspires us in the Mahi Mahi dress and the Mahi Mahi Headpiece, both are part of the new Black Label release The Golden Thread.

Mahi Mahi is a fully rigged mesh dress the material shimmering about you.  You will desire to swim through any event as the center of attention.





Complete your look with these nails from A:S:S and mouthpiece by Aesthetica.

The A:S:S Mahi Mahi nails are for Slink Hands and Nails system only

adding beautiful dimension to any look.  The Gaia’s Wish Mouthpiece is golden and creates a veil of mystery to your look.


nail-hud-mahi-mahi Aesthetica- Gaia's Wish Ad

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